Monday Musings – 10/24/16

  • Outside my window: It is warm and sunny
  • I am thinking: I enjoyed my time as a Pre AP Chem/Reg Chem Sub at the High School, today
  • I am thankful for: My awesome Father- in-Law! He’s letting us borrow his car for a bit!
  • I am wearing:
    My dearest friend, Kate, sent this to me, in remembrance of my Mother-in-law!
  • I am remembering: All the fun we had as kids
  • I am going to: Put up some Deer Meat, tonight
  • I am currently reading: Every Storm by Lori Wick
  • I am hoping: to get in the bed at a decent hour, tonight.
  • On my mind: Gotta find time to make some brownies for our teachers, at Primary, for Thursday evening.
  • Pondering these words: “Being a Christian isn’t something you do – it’s who you are!”
  • I am hearing: Anthony is watching Football News on TV.
  • From the kitchen: We are having Hotdogs, tonight.
  • Around the house: Gonna need to do a load or two of laundry and get the dishes washed, tonight.
  • One of my favorite things: Naps
  • A few plans for this week: I subbed at the Highschool, today. Subbing at the Primary, tomorrow. Hoping to sub Wednesday and Friday, as well. One of the boys has a Dr appt on Thursday, and I’m also working the Book Fair, at Primary, Thursday Morning.
  • Here is a picture for thought I am sharing: Saw this on Facebook, today. So true!


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